FAMAKS British School’s Logo Redesign

In the vibrant educational landscape of Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna, FAMAKS British School embarked on a transformative journey to reimagine its visual identity through a logo redesign project. The previous logo, though steeped in the school’s values and legacy, presented a formidable challenge – it lacked the inclusion of the institution’s name. This omission posed a significant obstacle to effective branding and marketing efforts. We were honored by the late CEO, Sagir Hamidu, and entrusted with the mission of crafting a new logo. Our goal was not only to encapsulate the school’s essence but also to prominently feature its name, enhancing brand recognition.

Project Information's


FAMAKS British Schools


Logo Design


September 05, 2020


Asokoro, Abuja

The Challenge

This endeavor was marked by two distinct challenges. Firstly, the logo redesign aimed to strike a harmonious balance between preserving the school’s cherished heritage and embracing a contemporary design approach. Secondly, it had to seamlessly incorporate the institution’s name in a visually compelling manner. This creative puzzle demanded a design that would resonate with a diverse audience of students, parents, and stakeholders, ensuring instant recognition and memorability. Solving these challenges was not only an artistic feat but also a tribute to the late CEO’s legacy, as we aimed to enhance the school’s brand visibility and establish a lasting presence in both Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna’s competitive education landscapes.

The Results

The culmination of this heartfelt project was a logo that transcended all expectations. The redesigned emblem beautifully encapsulated the essence of FAMAKS British School’s enduring commitment to education, seamlessly bridging the realms of tradition and modernity. Most significantly, the institution’s name found its rightful place, ensuring absolute brand clarity and recognition. The new logo resonated instantaneously with students, parents, and the wider community, instilling a renewed sense of pride and trust in the school’s educational excellence. As a tribute to the late CEO, Sagir Hamidu, this redesign was not merely a visual transformation; it symbolized his enduring vision and unwavering dedication. FAMAKS British School now stands as a beacon of educational excellence in both Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna, celebrating the profound impact of thoughtful design in fortifying an institution’s identity and honoring a visionary leader’s legacy.

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