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In the dynamic educational landscape of Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna, FAMAKS British School embarked on an exciting journey to redefine its digital presence through a comprehensive website redesign project. The previous website, though rich in content, faced significant challenges—it was non-responsive, lacked a modern appeal, and fell short of aesthetic excellence. Entrusted with this important endeavor by the late CEO, Sagir Hamidu, we undertook the mission to revitalize the school’s online platform. Our objective was not only to bring responsiveness and modernity to the forefront but also to infuse an element of timeless beauty into the virtual gateway of the institution, as a tribute to his vision and dedication.

Project Information's


Web Development


March 25, 2020


Asokoro, Abuja

The Challenge

The challenges before us were multifaceted. The website redesign project required seamlessly integrating responsiveness, modern design principles, and aesthetics. We needed to strike a balance between preserving the institution’s heritage and embracing contemporary web design. The result had to resonate with a diverse audience of students, parents, and stakeholders while ensuring optimal user experience across devices. Additionally, the project carried the profound responsibility of honoring the late CEO’s legacy, with the goal of enhancing the school’s digital presence and making it a flagship destination in both Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna’s competitive education landscape.

The Results

The culmination of this transformative project was a website that transcended expectations. The redesigned platform seamlessly blended tradition with modernity, capturing the enduring essence of FAMAKS British School’s commitment to education. It was now not only responsive but also exuded contemporary design elegance. The website’s aesthetic beauty became a reflection of the institution’s values and aspirations. As a tribute to the late CEO, Sagir Hamidu, this website redesign project stood as a testament to his unwavering vision. It symbolized not only a digital transformation but also a commitment to the school’s legacy of excellence. FAMAKS British School’s online platform now shines as a beacon of educational distinction in both Asokoro, Abuja, and Kaduna, exemplifying the profound impact of thoughtful web design in fortifying an institution’s identity and honoring a visionary leader’s legacy.

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