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Pelis Frenchies, a renowned Frenchie Dog Kennel with a specialization in stud services, is nestled in the charming town of Rayville, Missouri. Sara Pelis, the dedicated owner, entrusted us with a transformative project. Our mission was clear: to create a captivating website that not only showcased the adorable Frenchie dogs but also facilitated easy access to stud dog services.

Project Information's


Webtend Digital Studio


Web Development


February 25, 2023


Melbourne, Australia

The Challenge

This project posed a unique set of challenges. The website design called for a complete transformation, evolving an outdated platform into a modern, visually appealing showcase of Pelis Frenchies’ adorable French Bulldogs. Simultaneously, we needed to create a seamless user experience for those seeking stud dog services, ensuring a straightforward and informative process. Trusted with this project by Sara Pelis, it carried the weight of her commitment to French Bulldogs and her dedication to providing top-notch stud services.

The Results

The culmination of this project was a dynamic and user-friendly online platform. The redesigned website seamlessly showcased Pelis Frenchies’ adorable Frenchie dogs, offering visitors an immersive experience. It was modern, highly functional, and designed to facilitate easy access to stud dog services. This project not only revitalized the kennel’s digital presence but also underscored the profound impact of thoughtful web design in enhancing a brand’s online identity. Under the guidance of Sara Pelis, Pelis Frenchies had evolved into a digital hub—a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in Frenchie dogs and stud services.

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