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In the charming city of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, “Pics By Kris” embarked on an exciting digital transformation journey—a comprehensive website redesign and SEO enhancement project. Kris Johnson, the CEO and a talented dog photographer, entrusted us with this pivotal undertaking. The previous website, while once functional, had grown outdated, non-functional, and struggled to convert visitors into appreciators of his exceptional canine photography. Our mission was clear: to revitalize “Pics By Kris,” not only by delivering a modern and highly functional website but also by optimizing its performance to attract a broader audience of dog enthusiasts.

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Pics By Kris


Web Development


February 25, 2023


Louisville, Kentucky

The Challenge

The challenges before us were substantial and diverse. The website redesign task required a complete overhaul, turning an outdated platform into a modern, captivating, and user-friendly showcase for Kris Johnson’s remarkable dog photography. Additionally, the site needed a robust SEO strategy to enhance its visibility and reach. The project was a creative puzzle, demanding a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. We aimed to create a website that not only celebrated Kris Johnson’s canine artistry but also compelled visitors to engage and explore further. This project bore the weight of Kris Johnson’s vision and dedication to capturing the essence of dogs through his lens.

The Results

The culmination of this transformative project was a website that surpassed all expectations. The redesigned platform seamlessly showcased Kris Johnson’s extraordinary dog photography, offering visitors an immersive and user-friendly experience. It was not only modern and highly functional but also optimized for search engines. Consequently, “Pics By Kris” experienced a remarkable surge in online visibility and engagement. The website became a powerful tool for converting visitors into passionate dog photography admirers and potential clients. This project not only revitalized the brand but also exemplified the profound impact of thoughtful web design and SEO enhancement in propelling a business toward success. Under the guidance of CEO Kris Johnson, “Pics By Kris” had evolved into a digital masterpiece—a testament to his unwavering vision and dedication to excellence in canine photography.

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